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Disney & Cartoon icon 100 challenge

That is all Cartoons ! :)

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disney_100 100 icon disney and cartoon challenge

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Welcome to Disney & Cartoon 100 icon challenge
This community is for people who want to do any Disney film, characters or any cartoon film or characters (remeber: it doesnt have to be disney, it can be any cartton you want e.g: my little pony, spirit, totallyspies etc....). But has to do 100 icons there is 50 themed and 50 of your own choice. Youve probally heard of community such as disney100, iconfiend100 but this is like that but you can do any cartoon film or disney you want.

Each Claim can be claimed by three people at a time and each person is allowed up to as many claims at a time as long as you finish them all! I am not strict as lots of other communitys e.g kicking you out as you didnt follow your claim properally but your icons have to be all in by the three months allowed. Your first batch of icons need to be in by the maximum of a month as i have had problems with people and i need to now that you really want to do this.

All icon talents are welcome here weather your good or bad it doesnt matter as long as you enjoy it. If you want to give up your claim at anytime please ask me whokilleddafrog and then it will be no problem also please do this if you need an extension as long as you tell me why.

When you have completed all your 100 icons please tell me or I will probally see my self then i will give you a costum made banner in a comment.

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Well you need to join first to make a claim.

To make a claim you have to comment here : >HERE<

I will tell you if you can claim or if it is taken already three times you can either claim something else or not claim at all

Once you have claimed and in your first post it would be nice to see a banner saying :

the movie/show etc....
your username
date started: dd/mm/yy
date finished: dd/mm/yy (you do this once finished)

the banner would help to see when you started etc.... but you dont have to do this

Your claim can be anything you like any time. 50 of the icons will be themed (i themed myself) and the other 50 will be artist choice (your own choice):

1. Magic
2. Family
3. Rainbow
4. Desire
5. Envy
6. Dreams
7. Cute
8. Sugar (sweet)
9. Good
10. Evil
11. Darkness
12. Light
13. Apathy (lazy)
14. Everlasting
15. Lonliness
16. Friends
17. Sidekick
18. Song
19. Love
20. Hero
21. Princess
22. Longing
23. Trust
24. Sadness
25. Happiness
26. Fun
27. Shocked
28. Tired
29. Energetic
30. Selfishness
31. Carefree
32. Pretend
33. Young
34. Old
35. Scared
36. Confidence
37. Shy
38. Battle
39. Shining
40. Believe
41. Home
42. Lost
43. Journey
44. Mischief
45. Heart
46. Laughter
47. Blue (can be the colour or upset/depressed)
48. Big
49. Small
50. Anger

Once you have finished your claim please comment here with your username and what you claimed so me or sarah can make your banner if you dont comment here you will not get a banner >here<

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If you need help on using a table this is what you will see the numbers 1,2 etc... and the theme then scroll down and you will see ICON HERE you place your icon into this space according to what number/ theme it is, if this has not helped just ask and i will show you :D

if you need a table there are two underneath :

Heres the table you can use for posting the icons in black all you
need to do is put the icon in (ICON HERE).
Credit for the table goes to deepestdreams

And heres a purple table I made :-

You have 4 months to complete the challenge when you have completed the challenge let me know in my journal and i will give you a award for finishing.

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If any one else wants to be a moderator please tell me
Thanks :D

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If any one would like to be one just ask :D

Banner Makers

thanks for reading :D from whokilleddafrog

credit for the banner whoresque if you made the layout please tell me! :D